Scrum Training in Indonesia | Training By Certified Scrum Master

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Scrum is a proven development methodology to quickly respond to vision changes. It is the defacto development methodology for software companies. It’s essential to adopt Scrum when everything is changing so fast.

Who can benefit ?

Anyone who would be interested to get their lifelong Professional Scrum Master™ Certification and would like to bring about change in the way they work in the software field.

Entrepreneurs, managers, project managers and programmers, anyone who can spend a day for the event are welcome.

Typical attendees in the past have been functional managers, team leads, analysts, architects, engineers, software developers, directors, testers and other roles that support product development.

This interactive workshop is full day of theory, models, exercises and lots of practical tips.

Agenda / Topics Covered

The following topics will be addressed

  • Scrum theory and methodology:

Agile manifesto

Scrum events

Scrum artifacts

  • From idea to shippable deliveries:

Product Vision

Product backlog

  • Team roles:

The ideal team

Product Owner


Development team

  • Plans:

Product backlog

Backlog grooming

Business value


Sprint planning

Story points

Planning poker

Definition of done

  • Delivery:


Daily scrum


  • Evaluation:

Sprint review

Sprint retrospective

  • Systems:

Possible systems to support scrum

  • Scrum in practice:

Working with clients who get it, with clients who do not understand it

Work with remote teams

Recognize and avoid pitfalls

  • Hands-on trial assessment