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We’ve got out of the box training programs you can order and we’ll run the training. Sometimes that works. We prefer to find out what specific challenges you have, so we can create a tailored training.

Consider the trainings below as the ‘building blocks’ or your ‘inspiration’. And then give us a call to discuss.

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2 Days Scrum Training

Two-day Scrum crash course with optional certification through In this Crash Course, you will learn the basics of Scrum and involve in exercises to bring them into practice. You’ll also work on improvements for your team and learn how to apply scrum in remote or distributed teams. You’ll learn the materials you need to start your assessments for the professional scrum master certification.

scrum course

Scrum crash course

Learn the fundamentals of scrum. In 1 day, you will understand what scrum can do for your team.

  •     Scrum theory: roles, artifacts, events
  •     Exercises to learn how scrum works
  •     Practice scrum with lego simulation
  •     Optional online certification for scrum master

Distributed agile: make your global team work better

In this workshop, your team will work on a ‘distributed team canvas’. What you will get as a result:


  •     Clear insight into the challenges of remote work
  •     Concrete actions to create improvements
  •     Insight into using agile and scrum with distributed teams
  •     Actions to bridge cultural differences

Lean startup and business model innovation

Learn how to use customer feedback as input for your development team. Engage your development team in designing a better business model, getting closer to users. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Minimum Viable Products to test your hypothesis
  • Create better business models using the business model canvas
  • Motivate your full team to talk to customers

Facilitated Issue Discovery

In this workshop, we will do an interactive ‘assessment’ of your current ‘stage of agile’. We invite team members from different levels (scrum masters, leadership, product owners, developers). We build a timeline of your organization, uncover (agile) pain points, analyze the roots, build an overview of solutions. The goal is to get a clear idea of where you stand and how we could help you to the next level.

Agile Fundamentals training


This program is to get people familiar with Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup. It is most suitable for IT teams. Day 1 is a crash course on Agile and scrum. Day 2 dives into Kanban and Lean Startup, followed by practical work on designing the agile organization using the different frameworks.

Product Ownership Training

What does good product ownership look like?

Day 1

  • Agile Manifesto: what does this mean to you? Group exercise
  • Agile Discovery process and requirements gathering: how does this work at your company?
  • The role of a product owner
  • Product vision & roadmap
  • Product Strategy
  • Workshop (using a case of a travel agency wishing to improve things)

Day 2

  • Product Discovery canvas
  • Impact mapping
  • Metrics
  • Personas
  • Story mapping
  • Backlog Prioritisation

Agile fundamentals training for non – IT


In this 1 day training, people from non-IT departments can get an introduction training to agile. Agile is being adopted by people in HR, marketing, sales and many other areas. This one day course introduces agile to non-IT people and includes many exercises and cases of agile outside IT. Topics we will cover:

  • Agile Manifesto
  • Long term project planning versus iterations
  • Using boards to create transparency
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean (startup)
  • Simulation: create a marketing brochure in sprints
  • Application: Designing your agile department

UI/UX training

This training is specifically for UI/UX people and can also be attended by product owners. We will run through a set of frameworks and tools that can help designers create more value for users.

Day 1

  • Introduction to User Experience
    • Activity : Metaphors
  • The People Side of UX
    • Activity : Usability Testing
    • Activity : Customer, Employee, Stakeholder


  • Framing Your Design Strategy
    • Activity : Journey Mapping
    • Activity : Brainstorming
    • Activity : Measuring for Design Decisions
  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing
    • Activity : Paper Prototyping
    • Activity : Usability Testing


Day 2

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping
    • Activity : Crafting Customer Journey Map
  • UI Design
  • Navigation Models / Design Patterns (Mobile vs Web)
  • Introduction to Digital Prototype Tools
    • Activity : Digital Prototyping

Agile Leadership training


For training management and leadership, we have found that in some organizations it’s more effective to do this in a separate training. For this, we would invite a senior leadership trainer to provide a one day training. The program and pricing would be upon request.


The rate for each training is IDR 25 million per training day, excluding travel and accommodation, except for the leadership training.

Agile Engineering Practices

We have various trainings for engineering practices. Our 2 day program to get a high level overview of all the practices available. We also have 1 or 2 day trainings per practice.


  • Developers
  • Testers/QA


  • Understanding of different agile engineering practices
  • Knowledge of XP, CI, CD, Pair programming, TDD
  • Experience using the different practices and tools
  • Fundament to apply for scrum developer certification


2 day training to give engineering teams an overview of the most popular engineering practices under the agile umbrella. We can extend this to a 3 day training if specific practices need more focus.

Day 1

  • Introduction Continuous Integration
  • Introduction XP
  • Coding Principles
    • Peer reviewing
    • Refactoring
    • Internal Open Source
  • Testing Principles
    • Unit TDD
    • Acceptance TDD
    • Test Automation
    • Simulation

Day 2

  • Versioning Principles
    • Feature toggles & Branch by Abstraction
  • Delivery Principles
    • Traceability over Authorization
  • Culture
    • Cross Pollination (Culture)
    • Form communities of knowledge (Organization)



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