2 day training to give engineering teams an overview of the most popular engineering practices under the agile umbrella. We can extend this to a 3 day training if specific practices need more focus.


  • Understanding of different agile engineering practices
  • Knowledge of XP, CI, CD, Pair programming, TDD
  • Experience using the different practices and tools
  • Fundament to apply for scrum developer certification


  • Primary: Sr. Object-Oriented Programmers, Architects, and Designers
  • Secondary: Technical Managers, Testers


Day 1:

Delivery lifecycle in an Agile project

Introducing XP

– Fine-scale feedback

– Pair programming

– Planning game

– Test-driven development

– Whole team

– Continuous process

– Continuous integration

– Refactoring or design improvement

– Small releases

>Shared understanding

– Coding standards

– Collective code ownership

– Simple design

– System metaphor

– Programmer welfare

– Sustainable pace

Test Automation

– Test pyramid

– SOLID principles

– Unit testing through Junit

– Junit idioms and patterns

– What is Agile testing?

– Functional test automation through Selenium

Day 2:

Test Driven Development

– Introduction to TDD

– Test First Vs Test Last

– TDD Rhythm: Red, Green, Refactor

– Crucial Design Principles

– TDD and Design

– Avatars of TDD

Executable Specification (ATDD/ BDD)

– Crafting acceptance criteria for user stories

– Writing executable examples for each criterion

– Demo of BDD frameworks (Cucumber, FitNesse, SpecFlow, Jasmine)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Inspection

– Automated static code review with Maven plugins and Jenkins

– SonarQube based continuous inspection

Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment
   – Trunk based development

– Feature toggle

– Feature branch based development

– Trunk based development vs feature branch

Distributed Version Control Systems (git) and branching

Non functional testing in Agile project

  – Performance testing

– Security testing


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