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Ekipa is your agile training and coaching agency. We are 100% self-managed organization without any hierarchy. EVERYBODY IS AN OWNER and everybody shares in our success and income. Everybody works on the things he wants to contribute and we don’t’ have fixed job descriptions. We co-work with our customers to HELP them bring ENTREPRENEURSHIP and agility to their organization. Together, we create the company we want Ekipa to be and we create better lives for ourselves and the people we serve. We’re co-workers.

Being part of a diverse community of coworkers is awesome. We all play significant roles, working enthusiastically towards creating better and long lasting experience for our customers. We all are self-driven with a thirst to find something novel. In this fast-paced era, with unlimited opportunities, here’s where you get to explore innovative modes of working. Pick the right one and get in touch with us.

This journey would be exciting as you would be part of;

  • Ekipa Reinvented
  • Big transformations where you play the key role

We Work Smart

We introduce Agile to any size organization to achieve greater business outcomes. Yes, we work together to deliver higher happiness!

We Keep Learning

 We brainstorm, research, and constantly dedicated to learning from outside and inside! A range of opportunities to improve yourself outside of the day-to-day work.

We Enjoy What We’re Doing

We inject fun into the workplace by bringing positivity, play, joy, and appreciation.


Scrum Master

Yes we are looking for scrum masters who have,

  • A firm grasp of servant leadership and facilitation
  • A relentless approach to the pursuit of continuous improvement
  • A good relationship with the team and a certain degree of influence
  • A breadth of product, market, and domain knowledge

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Agile Coach

We are looking for Agile Coaches who have :

  • Hands-On Scrum and Agile Experience
  • Lean Thinking
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change Agent / OCM Expert
  • Excellent Listening Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Unconditional Positive Regard for Others
  • Agile Mindset – Values and Principles

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Looking To Get In Touch?

When you’re ready, send your CV / Resume, Cover Letter, Certification and Recommendation Letter (optional) to We will contact you whenever there is a match!