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“ We are a team of passionate agile enthusiasts and agile practitioners helping individuals and enterprises to get better results in an accelerated pace. In our trainings, we don't just stick on to the agile principles and philosophy but also venture into providing practical tips to tackle the increasingly complex challenges of project management and software development. ”


Scrum is a proven development methodology to quickly respond to vision changes. It is the defacto development methodology for software companies. Scrum is now spreading beyond IT to other fields. It’s essential to adopt Scrum when everything is changing so fast.

It is a 2 Day Scrum training with Agile Leadership Coaching. You will learn the basics of Scrum and involve in exercises to bring them into practice. You'll also work on improvements for your team and learn how to apply scrum in remote or distributed teams. You'll learn the materials you need to start your assessments for the Indonesian scrum master certification.This hands-on workshop provides a way to get your teams up to speed with the techniques that enable scrum concepts to take flight. From principles to practise, let's improve your business outcomes through Agile.

Event Schedule

Day 1


Scrum fundamentals

The goal in the morning is to get everyone on the same level of knowledge about scrum. We'll start the day with an interactive scrum game in which teams create a learning backlog.

  • A. Scrum overview
  • B. The agile manifesto
  • C. Scrum versus waterfall:
  • D. Scrum roles, events and artifacts
  • E. Additional concepts: estimates, velocity, burndown chart


Practice scrum

A. Lego city simulation

We will build a city of lego using the concepts we learned in the morning.

B. Retrospective day 1

We close the day with a group retrospective.

Day 2


Wrap up of scrum theory

A. Scrum guide presentation

We will work in teams to create a presentation about the scrum guide. Then within the team you discuss what you found in the guide that you

  • can apply right away in your team
  • recognized as an improvement for your team
  • didn't know before or missed out on day 1

Each team creates a visual board and presents it to the other groups.

B. Build your own scrum

In teams, we will build an overview of the scrum framework and flow.

C. Agile manifesto and principles applied

In this exercise, we will study the agile manifesto and principles in groups

D. Test exam and Case study

Test exam

All participants will go through a test exam to get prepared for a certification assessment.

Case study

Those who don't want to prepare for the exam, will work in groups to find case studies (online / in the room).


Applying scrum

A. Scrum applied to your (non IT) team

The teams create a visual map of how scrum will be applied to a real project. The goal is to have a tangible plan of implementation which can be started upon returning to office.

B. Learning breakout

Teams takes some of the user stories from the learning backlog created in the morning and discuss the user stories and present their conclusions to the rest of the group.

C. Retrospective

Wrap up of the training. We'll discuss any remaining issues and discuss how everyone can make actions from what they've learned.


Materials to start your assessments for the Indonesian Scrum Master(ISM) certification.

Participation Certificate from Ekipa

10% special discount on all future training/workshop of Ekipa

Target Audience

Project Managers
Scrum Team members
Team Leaders
Project Sponsors
Project Leaders
Senior Managers
Product Owners
Anyone interested in exploring the agile practices

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